September 2023 Calendar Printable

Have you been searching the internet high and low for a free, simply designed September 2023 Calendar? If you answered yes, then you came to the right place. Here at VL Calendar, we pride ourselves on creating calendars that are free to download and can be printed as many times as you’d like! We also include all national holidays and plenty of room to add in any personal obligations or notes. So, to get a jump start on your scheduling organization, don’t hesitate to click download our September Calendar below.

September 2023 Calendar

September 2023 Calendar


September 2023 Calendar Printable Templates

Before we get into more specifics about our September 2023 Calendar, we want you to know as much as possible about our website. This way you can take optimal advantage of what we have to offer! Not only do we have a completely free blank calendar, but we also offer free calendars for all months of 2023. So long as you have internet connection, a .pdf reading software like Adobe Reader, and a printer loaded with 8.5″ by 11″ paper, you are good to go! Feel free to print a copy of each calendar for your home, your office, and your closest friends and family!

The Month of September

In the United States, September is typically known as “Back to School Month.” This is because the majority of public schools open right after Labor Day to kick off their 9 month school year. It’s a bittersweet time for students, parents, and teachers alike.

While today we know September to be the ninth month of the year when school starts, this obviously was not always the case. In fact, in Latin “Septem” means seven. Why would September’s name be inspired by the number seven? Good question! It’s because September used to be the seventh month, not the ninth. This is back in the days of Ancient Rome when the calendar only had 10 months, absent of January and February. Therefore, in this format, it made sense to name September after the number seven. However, in 450 BCE when September became the ninth month, the name just stuck.

September 2023 Calendar Printable with Holidays

September 2023 Calendar Printable with Holidays


September Holidays & Observances

Specifically, on our September Calendar, which you can download below, you’ll find 30 days and three holidays. In particular, these holidays are Labor Day, Patriot Day, and the First Day of Autumn. For more information regarding these holidays, or to download our calendar pdf, continue reading below!

Labor Day

Like many other public holidays in the United States, Labor Day does not have an exact date. Instead, it is celebrated on the first Monday of September. On the September 2023, available for download below, you’ll find that it will be observed on Monday September 4, 2023.

As mentioned above, Labor Day is a public holiday. This means it is observed by public schools and many federal offices as a national holiday, and therefore these buildings are closed. As it is meant to celebrate all hard-working people around the nation, this is a popular day for parties and barbecues, or going away on a final “summer vacation.”

Many people will take local “day-cations” to a nearby town or state on this day. Or, invite close friends, neighbors, and families to their home to eat American classics such as hotdogs and hamburgers. In short, it’s the unofficial “goodbye to summer.” So people plan to do their favorite warm weather activities that they will no longer be able to do in the colder months.


We hope you found our free printable September 2023 calendars useful! Looking to plan ahead for next month? Click here to go to our free printable October 2023 calendars. Thank you for reading!

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