Printable November 2022 Calendar Templates with Holidays

Are you ready to start off this month productive and organized? If you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place! That’s because here on VL Calendar, we offer completely free printable downloads of our simple November 2022 Calendar. With plenty of blank space to add in your own notes and obligations and no distracting design elements, we’re sure that this is the free calendar you’ve been looking for!

November 2022 Calendar

November 2022 Calendar


November 2022 Calendar

Plus, here at, we have a lot more than just a free November 2022 Calendar download. We also offer calendars for all twelve months of 2022. So feel free to get a jump start on scheduling and download them all now! You only need three things to enjoy our entire collection of free, easy-to-print calendars. They are: an internet connection, a .pdf reading software like Adobe Reader, and a printer loaded up with 8.5″ by 11″ paper. If you’ve got those three things, then we welcome you to print as many calendars as you’d like. In fact, print one for your home, another for your office, and more for your friends and family!

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Additionally, on our November Calendar 2022, you’ll find 30 days and five holidays labelled for your planning convenience. These important days are: the end of Daylight Savings Time, Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. For more information on these days or the month of November in general, keep reading below! And don’t forget to scroll down further to get your very own FREE November Calendar download!

Since November ends Daylight Savings Time and the sun sets sooner, this is a great month to moon gaze. If you’re curious as to what days in the November 2022 Calendar are best to look at the moon, keep reading below:

  • First Quarter Moon on Tuesday, November 1
  • Full Moon on Tuesday, November 8
  • Last Quarter Moon on Wednesday, November 16
  • New Moon on Wednesday, November 23
  • First Quarter Moon on Wednesday, November 30

The Month of November

As we know it today, November is the eleventh month of the twelve month year. In fact, the twelve month format of the calendar we currently use is called the “Gregorian Calendar“. This calendar was created and implemented in 450 BCE. However, prior to 45 BCE, the Roman Calendar was used. The Roman calendar only had ten months. The year started in March and ended in December, making November the ninth month. This is important information in regards to how November got its name.

Novem means “nine” in Latin. Obviously this was an appropriate name for November when it was the ninth month of the year. But, even when November became the eleventh month, the name still stuck. Pretty cool fun fact, right?

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