November 2019 Calendar Printable Templates

We offer free printable November 2019 calendar templates made especially for Americans. All Americans find our calendars very helpful in their daily life. We design all of our calendars especially according to the USA calendar system. It also means that the first day of week in our calendars is Sunday.

November 2019 Calendar

November 2019 Calendar

Download PDF Format Calendar

Free download November 2019 Calendar Printable

We provide you with the best November 2019 calendars. Once you browse through our library of calendars, you will never be roaming here and there in search of the best available calendars on the internet. With our large variety of calendars, you will never leave our website with empty hands.

Printable November 2019 Floral Calendar with Holidays Landscape

Printable November 2019 Floral Calendar with Holidays Landscape

Download PDF Format Calendar

Above all, you never need to pay anything for download calendars from our website. You can download as many printable calendar templates as you want for free. Therefore, start downloading your favorite calendars now in PDF and JPG to use them in your house or office.

Also, our library of free printable November calendar templates is very large. There is almost no chance that you will not be able to find anything related to your taste in calendars. Hence, start browsing for your favorite calendar now which will add more value to your house or office.

Our calendars come in a vast variety of styles so you can choose the best one accordingly. You can choose from the most exotic calendars to the simplest ones. If you like to make notes and reminders on your calendar for specific dates then we also have calendars with spaces only that purpose.

November 2019 Calendar Printable

November 2019 Calendar Printable

Download PDF Format Calendar

The Month of November in United States

November is the 11th month of year. It comes after October and before December. It’s of thirty days length in the modern day calendar. Earlier, it was 9th month of year in Roman calendar but in 153 BCE, it became 11th month of calendar. November was 11th month of year in the Julian Calendar also.

The name November came from a Latin word Novem which means “nine” in English. It was because November was then the 9th month of year. Also, March was the starting or first month of calendar at that time and that’s the reason November’s placement doesn’t match with its name in the new Julian and Gregorian calendar. November is Novembre in Middle English while novembris mensis in Latin. Novembris mensis simply means “ninth month” in English.

November became the 11th month of year when January and February became the starting two months of the calendar. Its length also changed from 30 days to 29 days at the same time. Later, during Julian Calendar reform, it once again became a month with 30 days length.

November and May are each other’s seasonal equivalents in opposite hemispheres. The birth flower of November is chrysanthemum while the birthstone is topaz.

Printable November 2019 Floral Calendar with Holidays Portrait

Printable November 2019 Floral Calendar with Holidays Portrait

Download PDF Format Calendar

Free 2019 Monthly Calendar

Veterans Day in the United States

When Is Veterans Day 2019?
Veterans Day 2019: Mon, 11 Nov 2019

Americans celebrate Veterans Day every year on 11 November. People celebrate it as the anniversary of the armistice’s signing which led to the end of World War 1. Signing of armistice happened in 1918 and ended the World war 1 conflict between Germany and allied nations. People celebrate it in order to thank the veterans of the war for their service to America.

All the government organizations, schools and most of the businesses stay closed on 11 November since it is a Public Holiday for the general public in the USA. America honors all the military personnel, especially the living ones who participated in all the wars for the USA.

The government of America organizes many special events on Veterans Day like parades, church services, and many other events. Public transportation run according to their regular or off day schedule. Since Veterans Day is a federal holiday, in case it falls on a Saturday, Friday will be off and in case it falls on a Sunday, Monday will be off.

Until 1954, the name of Veterans Day was “Armistice Day”. Once, the Veterans day celebrations started to happen on the fourth Monday of October in 1971. But since many states didn’t agree to celebrate it on any other day but 11 November, it once again started to occur on 11 November each year in 1975.

Thanksgiving Day in the United States

When Is Thanksgiving Day 2019?
Thanksgiving Day 2019: Thu, 28 Nov 2019

Thanksgiving day in the USA is a public holiday. It comes on the 4th Thursday of November every year. Day just after the Thanksgiving day is Black Friday. This year, Thanksgiving day is on 28 November while next year it will be on 26 November. Thanksgiving day keeps roaming between the dates 22 November and 28 November with every new year.

Since Thanksgiving day is a public holiday, most of the businesses and all schools stay close on this day. It is generally a day to thank for everything that you have. Most of the families in the USA get together on this day for a special meal. This meal mostly includes a roasted turkey, potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving day is an off day for the general public of America since 1863. There is no actual proof of when Thanksgiving’s celebration happened for the first time. Claims of the very first Thanksgiving go back to 1598 in El Paso, Texas.

Thanksgiving is a very busy time as many people travel to their families or go on trips. Trips are very common also because of the fact that in more than 20 States Thanksgiving comes with four days holidays since it’s Black Friday and then the weekend on Saturday and Sunday i.e. the next two days. Public transit is usually late and unable to operate on their usual timing on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday in the United States

When Is Black Friday 2019?
Black Friday 2019: Fri, 29 Nov 2019

Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas Shopping Season the USA. It comes on the very next day of Thanksgiving every year. It is an off day in more than twenty states of the USA. This year, it is on 29 Nov while next year it will be on 27 Nov.

Black Friday may not be a public holiday in many of the US states but still many people take this day off in order to extend their weekend to 4 days and enjoy Thanksgiving day and Black Friday with their family and friends in peace.

It is also a time of sales in stores and you can get a good discount on many items. Black Friday is a very busy shopping day in America. Most of the roads are busy and public transit is unable to operate on their usual right time.

Some people call it Black Friday because the vehicles’ tires leave black marks on the highways after Thanksgiving. On the other hand, some people record their profits the old way with black ink and this day comes with big profits for the businesses since it marks the start of the Christmas Shopping season and hence calls it Black Friday.

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