January 2023 Calendar Printable

Welcome back to VL Calendar. If this is your first time here, we are happy to tell you that we offer completely free calendars for download and printing to all of our website’s visitors. Not only can you download a free January 2023 Calendar below, but we also have calendars for all months of 2023.

January 2023 Calendar

January 2023 Calendar


January 2023 Calendar Printable Templates

Downloading and printing our January 2023 Calendar is simple and easy. All you need is internet connection, a .pdf reading software like Adobe Reader, and a printer loaded with traditional sized 8.5″ by 11″ paper. If you have got those three things, then you’ll be able to print as many calendars as you’d like with just the click of a button! We encourage you to edit the calendar to your liking, whether that be on the computer or by hand once it’s printed out. Feel free to add in any additional notes or obligations to fit your needs. You can even print copies for your office to track things such as shifts worked, shift changes, and business openings and closures.

The Month of January

As we know it today, January is the first month of the twelve month calendar year. However, believe it or not, this was not always true. Back in 700 BCE and earlier, a different version of the calendar was used. This version of the calendar was called the Roman Calendar. The Roman calendar only had 10 months, and January was not even one of those months! Because January and February were part of the cold winter months these months didn’t exist and their days weren’t tracked. Since war couldn’t take place during the winter months, everything paused until warm weather returned in March.

Obviously, this is no longer the case. Today, January is the first month of the year and has 31 days (although January was only assigned 30 days at first). But, lo and behold, now that January is officially the first month in the year, in the United States it has unofficially become the symbol of all things “new.” Sayings such as “new year, new me,” are quite popular in this month. In America, it is common for people to pick a New Years Resolution, such as losing weight, eating healthier, or starting to meditate daily. While many people do not stick to their resolution, it is their hope that starting on January 1, they will begin to successfully implement a new daily habit or mindset that they will work to continue throughout the year.

Additionally, January got its name from the Roman God Janus. Janus is known as the “two faced God” or the “God of doors.” Although this might seem strange, it makes sense upon further explanation. The “two faced God” represents that January is the start to a new year, where both the past and future can be seen and acknowledged. Whereas the “God of doors” signifies that January is the doorway to a new year.

Printable January 2023 Calendar with Holidays

Printable January 2023 Calendar with Holidays


January Holidays & Observances

So, now that you’re ready to print as many copies of our January Calendar as you need and want, let us tell you all about it. On this January 2023 Calendar with American holidays you will find that we’ve labelled all 31 days, each day of the week, and two major holidays: New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Day. For more details about those holidays, or to download the calendar, feel free to scroll further down the page!

New Year’s Day

On the Blank Calendar, available below, you’ll find that January 1, 2023 falls on a Sunday. New Year’s Day is considered a public holiday, where most schools and businesses are closed. New Year’s Day is a unique holiday, because it starts right at 12am when it officially turns to the New Year. In the United States, it is quite customary for fireworks to be shot off at midnight to celebrate the start of a new year. Other famous traditions in America for the New Year are partners kissing one another at midnight and to sound noise makers.

Additionally, in towns that hold major celebrations, such as New York City, you’ll find traffic disruptions and closures. However, because it is also customary to bring in the New Year drinking champagne and other alcoholic beverages, it is wise not to drive in the early hours of New Year. Famous signs and symbols for the New Year include fireworks, silver, black, gold, metallic bead necklaces, party hats, clocks striking midnight, sunglasses with the number of the new year surrounding the lenses, and Baby New Year as he symbolizes the “birth” of a new year.

Martin Luther King Day

As found in the printable calendar available for download below, Martin Luther King Day will be held on Monday, January 16 in 2023. Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday, meaning most schools and federal offices are closed. Additionally, Martin Luther King Day is not celebrated on a specific day. Instead, it’s always observed the third Monday in January.

Martin Luther King Day is meant to recognize and appreciate a famous historical figure in United States History. Honored for speaking out against racial segregation in the 1950s and 1960s, Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize at age 35, the youngest recipient in history. Martin Luther King Jr. was also known for his “I Have a Dream” speech and his nonviolent form of protest, which was inspired by Ghandi.

In recent years, schools and businesses are encouraging those who have free time on this day to donate their time to organizations in need, especially those fighting for civil or equal rights.


We hope you found our free printable January 2023 calendars useful! Looking to plan ahead for next month? Click here to go to our free printable February 2023 calendars. Thank you for reading!

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