Printable 2021 Floral Calendar Templates with Holidays

Welcome back VL Calendar fans! We’re excited to have you back today for a very important announcement!

While we already know that 2020 has not been the best, we do have some good news coming your way …it’s almost 2021! And while no one can predict the future, we do feel pretty confident that 2021 holds better, more optimistic days than we have experienced in the last few months.

And so, to honor that, we’re pleased to present you with your brand new 2021 Floral Calendar! This is a design we have never released before and we are so excited to reveal to you now!

Floral Calendar

Printable 2021 Floral Calendar Landscape

Printable 2021 Floral Calendar Landscape


2021 Floral Calendar Landscape

With all major holidays labelled, a 7 day week spread, and plenty of room to add in your own notes and commitments, planning ahead has never been easier than with this 2021 Floral Calendar! Plus, the gorgeous, floral design elements are sure brighten up your mood no matter what each day has in store for you!

And, of course, just like our other calendars, we’re proud to offer this one in multiple file formats. .JPG for those who wish to use this as a background for their phone or laptop, and .PDF for those who plan on typing or writing in their various commitments, and want to be able to edit them later on.

Basically, with our Floral Calendar 2021, flexibility is the name of the game, especially because you can print out as many as you would like for FREE! That’s right, at VL Calendar, you don’t be afraid to make a mistake or waste your “only” printable download. You don’t even have to be shy and not share this gorgeous Floral Calendar with your friends or family. At VL Calendar all of our calendars, including this 2021 Floral Calendar, are completely free of charge to you and can be downloaded, edited, and printed as many times as your heart desires!

Printable 2021 Floral Calendar Portrait

Printable 2021 Floral Calendar Portrait


2021 Floral Calendar Portrait

We also want to add that we went out of our way to format this 2021 Floral Calendar perfectly to fit on a traditional 8.5” x 11” piece of paper. So you can download and print this Floral 2021 Calendar with confidence that it won’t require any tedious reformatting or editing. We’ve done all that hard work for you, so all you have to do is scroll down, click the Download button, and enjoy!

In fact, we’ve even left a generous border around the edges of the calendar, which leaves you plenty of room for hole punching, framing, or jotting down important notes.

The moral of the story is, our Floral Calendar 2021 is as simple or as intricate as you need it to be! The basic yet beautiful design with plenty of room for writing in your own schedule is sure to fit every person’s individual needs. Whether that’s for your office’s time sheets, pay periods, or meetings; or for your personal dates, activities, and obligations, the 2021 Floral Calendar really can do it all – while looking beautiful!

And remember, if you happen to shout out any of our calendars on social media, tag us at @VLCalendar! We love to see how our calendars and designs make your life easier!

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