February 2024 Calendar Printable Templates with Holidays

February is the shortest month of the year. But even so, you shouldn’t skip any important events in this month. After getting the new year warmed up with January, February is the perfect time to arrange your stuff. Then, you will be ready for the rest of the year. However, remembering all important tasks, appointments, and events is not easy. The more things you have to do, the more likely you forget them. But don’t worry! Our February 2024 calendars are a big help. Let’s check them out to have everything under your control!

Printable February 2024 Calendar

February 2024 Calendar

February 2024 Calendar


The calendars for February are PDF files. So that you may mark your dates, download, save, and print them easily. They are easily accessible to everyone. Why should you have February 2024 calendar templates? The three reasons below will urge you to download them straight away.

You want to keep track of the time.

Although there are only 28 days in February 2024, it doesn’t mean that your tasks will be fewer. You won’t want to stuff your head with countless deadlines but end up forgetting them. The best solution is to place a calendar on your workstation at home or office. You have the whole month in front of you. Hence, you won’t skip any deadlines.

Since you own the calendar, don’t mind taking notes of everything. For example, you can use it to remind you of your next hangout with friends or date night. Also, it will be helpful for you to mark your important meetings. Things are not easy for busy people. But you have the right tool, and it will assist you in simplifying your life and arranging it for you.

You can use the calendar for decoration.

To some people, “decorative” matters more than “practical.” But luckily, when you choose beautiful calendar templates, you will get both. It will look nice no matter where you put or hang the calendar. So please don’t be shy to add it to your workstation. It will boost your productivity then. And if you don’t like too many details in your calendar, stick to the blank ones. They are simple yet suit most home decoration styles.

The templates are free.

Getting your favorite calendar templates is easier than ever when it charges you no cost. They are free printable designs that change the way you organize your timetable.

February 2024 Calendar Template

February 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays

February 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays


To use our printable February 2024 calendar templates, please follow these steps:

    • Access your collection.
    • Scroll down until you find your favorite template.
    • Download the template.
    • Print it out and put it anywhere you want.

The templates are easy to use. It’s up to your creativity to bring out the best of the downloaded calendar. We have tons of free printable February calendar templates for you to choose from. Each has a different design and style but comes in the same format.


We format our February calendars to display on US letter-size paper (8.5″ x 11″) in PDF files. The advantage of using PDF is that you can print it out without formatting mistakes.


The table design allows you to follow 29 days in February 2024. Each week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. We also leave some space for every day so you can take notes of your events on the calendars easily. Adding drawings will be a fantastic idea as they make your calendars attractive and unique.


Which style of calendar do you like? Simple, sophisticated, classic, or modern? We have all for you. We use colors to establish the styles. For example, some people love minimalism. They love black-and-white templates so they can focus better on the events. The blank space also helps them write more things on their calendars.

Blank February 2024 Calendar

Blank February 2024 Calendar

Blank February 2024 Calendar


Enhance your planning with our blank February 2024 calendar, offering a pristine platform for creative expression and personalized organization. This unmarked canvas is ideal for articulating your distinct style and planning approach. Use it to map out your goals, construct visual timelines, or incorporate artistic touches. The potential for customization is extensive. Access this blank calendar and let your imagination and organizational skills soar.

Floral Calendar for February

Floral Calendar for February 2024

Floral Calendar for February 2024


Elevate your daily planning with our sophisticated Floral Calendar for February 2024, intricately designed with exquisite watercolor illustrations. This calendar serves as more than just an organizational tool; it adds a touch of visual elegance to your workspace or home. Immerse yourself in the aesthetic beauty of the floral designs while effectively keeping track of your important commitments and dates.

February Calendar Monday Start

February 2024 Calendar Monday Start

February 2024 Calendar Monday Start


Optimize your productivity and organizational skills with our February 2024 Calendar, featuring a Monday Start. This design aligns seamlessly with the standard workweek, enhancing your ability to plan tasks and appointments effectively. With generous space allocated for notes and reminders, this calendar is particularly suitable for professionals, students, and anyone who prefers a well-structured weekly format.

February Holidays & Observances

Although it’s a short month, February has special days you don’t want to miss. Our February calendar includes the following holidays and events for your convenience. Holidays and Observances: Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day.

When is Valentine’s Day 2024?

The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love, friendship, and respect for each other. People send messages of love to their partners, family, and friends on February 14th to mark this day. Although Valentine’s Day is popular in many countries, several cultures have established their own customs for this occasion.

In some regions, people see Valentine’s Day as a day for showing their love between family and friends rather than just romantic love. Other customs involve friends expressing appreciation to each other and giving small presents and candies to the kids. In 2024, Valentine’s Day will fall on Wednesday, February 14th. It’s time to prepare some gifts for your beloved ones on this special occasion.

When is Presidents’ Day 2024?

Presidents’ Day, frequently known as Washington’s Birthday, is a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. Most US states celebrate Presidents’ Day as a public holiday. On this day, many companies are open as normal, and many have sales. Public transit systems usually run on schedules, and many delivery businesses offer a regular service. In 2024, Presidents’ Day will be observed on Monday, February 19th. Mark the day to join your state and commemorate past presidents of the USA.


Our February 2024 calendars are convenient to use and appealing. You can use them to help you organize your month. February calendars also change the appearance of your workstation. You will have a lovely corner that helps you handle your tasks on time. Please feel free to read on to learn more about the events in February. There are two important days that you will regret forgetting. Now you have got February calendars. Why don’t you plan for the next month? Click here to access your free printable March 2024 calendars! Thank you for reading!

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