August 2023 Calendar Printable

Thanks so much for joining us here at We are so excited for the opportunity to help you with all of your calendar needs. Not only are our calendars easy to download, but they are also completely free to print! To enjoy our August 2023 calendars all you need is internet access, a .pdf reading software such as Adobe Reader, and a printer. Additionally, all of our calendars are pre-formatted to fit on traditional 8.5″ by 11″ paper. This means we have guaranteed that printing our calendar designs will be hassle free.

August 2023 Calendar

August 2023 Calendar


August 2023 Calendar Printable Templates

Here at, we don’t only offer you our August Calendar (available for download below). Because we also have ready for download calendars for all months of 2023. So, if you’re ready to plan out your whole year ahead, we encourage you to start right now! In fact, here at VL Calendar, you can print as many calendars as you’d like, FREE of charge!

Therefore, we recommend you print one for your home, another for your office, and print out some extras to give to family, friends, and coworkers too! We even use them in our own office as time sheets. But, no matter how you choose to use our calendars, we know you’ll be satisfied with the simple design, free download, and easy to print format!

The Month of August

As you probably already know, the calendar we use in America and the one that is widely accepted worldwide has twelve months. In this format of the calendar, known as the Gregorian Calendar, August is the eighth month. However, it was not always this way. Although August has been the eighth month for quite some time now, the Ancient Romans did not have the same August experience as we have today.

Back in Ancient Rome, many things were different about August and the calendar in general. First of all, the calendar only had 10 months. This means that August was the sixth month out of a 10 month year. “But why were there only ten months” you may be asking? Well, simply because January and February did not exist. Since these were long and dreary winter months, the ancient Romans didn’t count them. The days dragged on until March 1 when the year truly began for them in spring.

However, around the year 450 BCE, this all changed. January and February were added. While this was all well and good, it didn’t bode well for the name the month of August had been given. You see, prior to this, the name of the month of August was “Sextillis.” This means “sixth month” in Latin. But, once August was moved to be the eighth month of the year, this name obviously was no longer a good fit. Therefore, in 8 BCE the name August was chosen to honor Augustus Caesar.

Finally, while today we know August to be a month of 31 days, this too was not always this case. Prior to 45 BCE, this month only had 29 days. That is, until Julius Caesar himself added two more days in order to give the month the 31 days we know and use today.

August 2023 Calendar Printable with Holidays

August 2023 Calendar Printable with Holidays


August Holidays & Observances

As you can see below, our August Calendar is available for downloading and printing right now! On this calendar you’ll find 31 days, but unfortunately, no holidays. Here at we always label all major public, federal, and national holidays and dates. Unfortunately though, there are none in the month of August! Even though this can be a little upsetting, at least you know you can enjoy great weather in the month of August as it’s the last full month of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.


We hope you found our free printable August 2023 calendars useful! Looking to plan ahead for next month? Click here to go to our free printable September 2023 calendars. Thank you for reading!

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