2024 Calendar: Yearly Printable Calendar With Holidays

Welcome back to the VL Calendar community! We are delighted to present our latest offering – the 2024 calendar. In keeping with our tradition, this calendar, which includes all American holidays, is designed for user convenience, featuring easy-to-print, easy-to-edit, and visually appealing pages. We are excited to introduce our comprehensive 2024 calendar, encompassing all 12 months, detailed in the sections below. This edition continues our commitment to providing functional and aesthetically pleasing calendar solutions for your planning needs.

Printable 2024 Calendar

2024 Calendar

2024 Calendar


We are pleased to present our comprehensive 2024 full-year calendar, but our offerings extend far beyond that. Our website also features exceptional, free, printable 2023 and 2025 calendars, always available for your reference and download. We understand that effective planning requires a comprehensive view of the past, present, and future, which is why we provide these resources at your fingertips. Additionally, our calendars are not limited to yearly overviews; we also offer them in a month-by-month format. This allows for personalized planning, enabling you to organize your 2024 days in the way that suits you best.

2024 Calendar Templates

We are pleased to highlight that our entire range of calendars, including our printable versions, are available entirely free of charge for viewing, downloading, and printing. This complimentary offering is our way of contributing to your organizational needs. Say goodbye to the days of disorganization and confusion, as our calendars are readily accessible in both .pdf and .png formats for your immediate use.

The versatility of our downloadable 2024 calendar template, available in both .pdf and .png formats, offers limitless possibilities. You have the option to print and laminate it for year-long reference, digitally input additional holidays and commitments, or even use it as the backdrop for your desktop or phone to keep track of important dates effortlessly. Our calendar is designed to be as adaptable and multifaceted as your planning requires.

About The 2024 Calendar

Before you proceed to download or print our calendar, we would like to share some insights about our product and our philosophy at VL Calendar. We adhere to the principle that simplicity is key. Our calendar is designed with a straightforward, classic 12-month layout, ensuring each day of the year is easily readable and accessible. Moreover, the entire blank calendar is formatted to efficiently fit on a single sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper, allowing you to conveniently have the whole year at your fingertips.

In our 2024 calendar, the months are arranged in an orderly fashion in three rows of four, following a Sunday through Saturday format. All major US holidays are not only highlighted in red for easy visibility but are also comprehensively listed at the bottom of the calendar. This feature ensures you never miss important dates, be it a national holiday like Labor Day or a festive occasion like Halloween. Our aim is to encompass all significant dates, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly calendar experience.

2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays

2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays


Calendar for Year 2024

Our selection of calendars, both online and printable, is designed for user convenience and is adaptable for any year and month. These calendars include public holidays and observances from countries across the globe. The 2024 Calendar is particularly user-friendly, offering a monthly breakdown that includes week numbers for easy reference. You can view the 2024 calendar online for a comprehensive overview of the year, featuring a design that stands out with a hint of color for visual appeal.

Our full-year 2024 calendar is available for printing with a clean, minimalistic design that emphasizes the dates. It is formatted for US Letter paper size, measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. Additionally, we offer a variety of downloadable 2024 PDF calendars, including yearly, monthly, landscape, portrait, and bi-monthly formats. You even have the option to create your own customized version. All these printable 2024 calendars are freely accessible on our website, available in both monthly and yearly formats. Choose and download the format that best meets your requirements, and start planning your year with ease.

Year 2024 Calendar – United States

The year 2024 is a leap year, with 366 days in total. Calendar type: Gregorian calendar. Tools. Years with Same Calendar as 2024. Customization Forms. Customize …

2024 Calendar

2024 Calendar. User-friendly calendar of 2024, the dates are listed by month including week numbers. View the online 2024 calendar.

2024 Calendar: Free Printable Calendar With Holidays

The calendar displays all 12 months of 2024 starting with January and ending with December. For each month, the days of the week are listed …

2024 Calendar Templates and Images

Yearly 2024 Calendar Images. The yearly 2024 Calendar images below were made for you to use as clipart in brochures, reports, documents, and printed calendars.

Download 2024 Printable Calendars

Download 2024 and 2025 PDF calendars of all sorts. Yearly, monthly, landscape, portrait, two months on a page, and more. Even make your own.

Calendar 2024

Calendars – online and print friendly – for any year and month and including public holidays and observances for countries worldwide.

Year 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays

2024 Calendar: Free Printable Calendar With Holidays. The calendar displays all 12 months of 2024 starting with January and ending with December. For each month …

Printable 2024 Calendar (PDF)

Download your free 2024 calendar in easy-to-print PDF format, with a variety of customizable monthly and yearly designs. Perfect for planning your year …

Year 2024 Calendar with Holidays

Remain well-informed and organized with our annual 2024 calendar, featuring a layout that is both simple and efficient. This calendar, inclusive of holidays, is versatile enough to be utilized in various settings – be it at home, in educational institutions, offices, or business environments. We have meticulously designed this free calendar, keeping in mind the diverse needs and preferences of different users, ensuring its applicability across a wide range of contexts and purposes.

Jan 1: New Year’s Day May 12: Mother’s Day Nov 5: Election Day
Jan 15: Martin Luther King Jr. Day May 27: Memorial Day Nov 11: Veterans Day
Feb 14: Valentine’s Day Jun 14: Flag Day Nov 28: Thanksgiving Day
Feb 19: Presidents’ Day Jun 16: Father’s Day Nov 29: Black Friday
Mar 17: St. Patrick’s Day Jun 19: Juneteenth Dec 24: Christmas Eve
Mar 31: Easter Sunday Jul 4: Independence Day Dec 25: Christmas Day
Apr 1: Easter Monday Sep 2: Labor Day Dec 31: New Year’s Eve
Apr 15: Tax Day Oct 14: Columbus Day
May 5: Cinco de Mayo Oct 31: Halloween

Monthly Calendar 2024

For effective planning and coordination of your schedule, a practical and printable 2024 calendar is indispensable. Our complimentary 2024 calendar, featuring a clean and uncluttered design, is readily accessible. By simply clicking the download button, you can easily obtain your calendar, setting the stage for a well-organized and efficient year ahead.

January 2024 Calendar May 2024 Calendar September 2024 Calendar
February 2024 Calendar June 2024 Calendar October 2024 Calendar
March 2024 Calendar July 2024 Calendar November 2024 Calendar
April 2024 Calendar August 2024 Calendar December 2024 Calendar


As we approach the year 2024, equipped with its myriad opportunities, possessing a meticulously organized calendar is crucial for effective yearly planning. Our diverse selection of 2024 yearly calendars offers various means to track important dates and events in the United States. Whether you opt for a pre-designed calendar, personalize one using our templates, or prefer the simplicity of downloading calendar images, each option is uniquely tailored to facilitate organization. By choosing the calendar that aligns best with your needs, you can visualize your entire year at a glance, ensuring you are well-prepared to make the most of the forthcoming year.

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