June 2024 Calendar Printable Templates with Holidays

June means summertime with longer days. Your tasks will be more challenging because you have to complete them in the hot sunshine. Don’t forget your vacation. Beaches look their best during this time. It’s such a pity to skip them and get your head working. So, how can you deal with all of your plans? Luckily, the June 2024 calendar will come to the rescue. Noting your important events on the calendar, and there you go. This post will discuss the benefits of our free printable June 2024 calendar templates. You can also learn more about essential holidays in the month. Let’s scroll down to check!

Printable June 2024 Calendar

June 2024 Calendar

June 2024 Calendar


Time management is challenging as you have to set up everything properly. But you can pull it off with a detailed plan. Nothing is better for you in this case than a calendar. To address your problem, we have designed many calendar templates. All of them are well-designed, easy to use, and simple to download. Here are some benefits you can get from them.

Keep track of your time

You might think you have a lot of time to complete a task after getting it. Nevertheless, if you don’t prepare, it will get to you faster than expected. The only solution is to remind yourself of the task. You can improve your productivity by noting your tasks on the calendar and putting them in front of you. Then, you can’t ignore your deadlines. The calendar is also a perfect tool to take note of your personal plans, such as a date night or a gathering with your buddies.

Customize your calendar

We have calendar templates so that you can customize them. You might, for instance, color-code your plans for work, school, and leisure time. It will be a lot simpler to decide how you spend your time on each. Adding funny drawings to the calendar is also a fantastic idea. You will have a unique and impressive June 2024 calendar, which encourages you to use it every day.

Decorate your space

Calendars with attractive designs are an excellent choice for your workspace. They may coordinate the interior design aesthetic to create an appealing and inspiring workplace.

June 2024 Calendar Template

June 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays

June 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays


Our calendar templates are free. To use them, please follow these steps:

  • Access our June calendar template collection.
  • Choose the design you love.
  • Download it to your device.
  • Print the template out, and it’s ready to use.

Our massive collection has tons of free printable June 2024 calendar templates in different styles. Your options include the following:


Our June calendars are formatted as PDF files that will print on 8.5″ x 11″ US letter-size paper.


As aforementioned, we can use our calendar templates to decorate your workspace. They can blend nicely with your interior decoration if you pick the right style. You will find modern, classic, elegant, and minimalist vibes in our collection. It’s up to your preference to determine the best one. Many people show their love for your black-and-white templates. These simple designs allow you to be creative with your calendars.


Our calendars have a table design. Each week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Additionally, each day has extra space for you to mark important events and holidays.

Blank June Calendar 2024

Blank June 2024 Calendar

Blank June 2024 Calendar


For those who value a sleek and streamlined calendar design, our Blank June 2024 calendar template is the perfect choice. It features abundant empty space, allowing for the easy addition of your notes, reminders, and to-do lists. This template provides the flexibility to tailor the calendar to your individual needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized and efficient planning experience.

Floral Calendar for June

Floral Calendar for June 2024

Floral Calendar for June 2024


Elevate your daily planning with the sophisticated allure of our Floral June 2024 calendar. This elegantly designed template, adorned with exquisite watercolor illustrations, serves not only as an effective organizational tool but also as a visually captivating addition to your workspace or living area. Immerse yourself in the aesthetic appeal of this floral calendar, which provides a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality, allowing for efficient management of your commitments and highlighting of significant dates.

June Calendar Monday Start

June 2024 Calendar Monday Start

June 2024 Calendar Monday Start


Achieve optimal productivity and organization with our June 2024 calendar, thoughtfully designed to start on a Monday. This configuration aligns seamlessly with the standard workweek, facilitating accurate and precise planning of tasks and appointments. The calendar provides substantial space for notes and reminders, making it an ideal choice for professionals, students, and anyone in need of a meticulously organized weekly plan.

June Holidays & Observances

The month of June always has 30 days. This year, June starts on a Saturday, and we have included the following events and holidays on our June calendar. Prominent holidays and observances in June include Flag Day, Father’s Day, and Juneteenth, each holding significant cultural and historical importance.

When is Flag Day 2024?

On June 14 June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress approved the first American national flag. American citizens celebrate Flag Day, or National Flag Day, to honor this moment. The design of the American flag has changed over the centuries. Only in 1777 did it get 13 white and red stripes, which is the official design. In 2024, Flag Day will be observed on Friday, June 14th, people will display the flag on government buildings. Also, some organizations hold events and parades to celebrate the day.

When is Father’s Day 2024?

Father’s Day is a holiday honoring fathers and celebrating parenthood, paternal ties, and fathers’ positive impact on society. The founder of Father’s Day celebrated it in June because it was the birth month of his father. The first Father’s Day took place on June 19, 1910. Every year, we have it on the third Sunday of June. In 2024, Father’s Day will fall on Sunday, June 16th. Activities on this day involve sending cards and giving gifts to fathers and grandfathers. You can also show your respect to your father figures.

When is Juneteenth 2024?

In the United States, Juneteenth is a national holiday honoring the liberation of African Americans from slavery.
On 19, 1865, Union Army General Gordon Granger issued General Order No. 3, marking the emancipation of enslaved people in Texas. In 2024, Juneteenth will be observed on Wednesday, June 19th. People celebrate this day with marches and protests. It’s also an excellent opportunity for joy and healing across the country. The holiday has been around for decades. According to original tradition, people held church gatherings, parades, cookouts, and spirituals on the day.


Our June 2024 calendars are beautiful, practical, and easy to use. They will be the perfect companion that helps you organize your month. We hope they satisfy all of your requirements. We mark important events in a month on our calendar templates too. Check them out, and celebrate them to wipe away all your stress. While preparing for June, remember to plan the upcoming ahead. Here are our free printable July 2024 calendars. Get them to get ready for a busy month. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next post!

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