Printable October 2022 Calendar Templates with Holidays

Hi there! Welcome to VL Calendar, where our calendars are always beautifully designed and free to download. On this page, we’ll be talking more in depth about our October 2022 Calendar download. But, before we do that, we want you to know that we offer more than just an October Calendar. In fact, we have calendars available for download for all months of 2022. As long as you have a printer with 8.5″ by 11″ paper and a .pdf reading software such as Adobe Reader, you are more than welcome to print as many calendars as you’d like! That’s right, we do not limit how many calendars you can download and print. So feel free to print one for you, one for the office, and some more for family and friends.

October 2022 Calendar

October 2022 Calendar


October 2022 Calendar

Specifically on our October 2022 Calendar you’ll find 31 days and two holidays. All of our calendars on VL Calendar come with landmark holidays labelled for your organizational convenience. In the October calendar, you’ll find that these holidays are Columbus Day (more recently known as Indigenous Peoples Day) and Halloween. While Columbus Day is a public holiday when schools and businesses are closed, Halloween is not. Feel free to learn more about those holidays, including when they are, below.

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Due to the creepy, nighttime nature of Halloween which ends the month of October, you might find that October is the perfect month for stargazing. If so, take a look below to see when the moon will be in each phase.

  • First Quarter Moon on Sunday, October 2
  • Full Moon on Sunday, October 9
  • Last Quarter Moon on Monday, October 17
  • New Moon on Tuesday, October 25

The Month of October

Although right now we know October to be the tenth month of the year, it was not always. Today, we use the Gregorian version of the calendar. This calendar has 365 days and twelve months. However, back when the Roman calendar was in use, this was not the case. The Roman version of the calendar only had ten months, where October was the eighth. This is because March was the first month of the year and January and February were not months at all. In fact, the days that are now encompassed in January and February were simply unlabelled winter days.

While here in the Northern Hemisphere, we know October to be a fall month where the weather is chilly and the leaves are falling off of trees, this is not the same in the Southern Hemisphere. In fact, south of the equator October is considered a spring month. This means the weather is warmer, the days are longer, and new life is blossoming rather than coming to an end.


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