October 2024 Calendar Printable Templates with Holidays

Halloween must be what you are eager for when October comes. But do not let yourself immerse in the spooky air and forget what you have to do. Halloween time is not the time for being lazy. There are up to 31 days in October. You should be ready for the tasks, meetings, dates, and events. How can you handle all of them? If you use an October 2024 calendar to keep you on track, things change. It will be a reliable reminder and ensure you don’t leave anything behind. We have many free printable October 2024 calendar templates. They are well-designed, practical, and easy to use. Let’s scroll down to discover more about their benefits!

Printable October 2024 Calendar

October 2024 Calendar

October 2024 Calendar


Our calendar templates are helpful because they carry one task for you, and it’s about reminding you what you have to do. Time management is a tricky puzzle that many people fail to solve. However, you can’t blame it for your long list of tasks. Your mission is to complete them, not get tired of them. To solve this problem, we highly recommend using October 2024 calendars. So how will they help you?

Time tracking

You won’t forget your deadlines if you have a calendar on which you have written them down. For example, we often place the calendar on our workstations. So every time you receive a task, take note of its deadline on the calendar. Then, you can follow it easily by identifying how much time you have to finish it and when to hand in your work. Feel free to use the calendar for your personal stuff too.

It’s a part of your life. Hence, do not neglect it, or you may hurt someone you love. If you have a romantic date with your lover on Sunday, mark it on your calendar with a heart. Until that day, you have time to prepare your outfit, choose the restaurant, and complete your deadlines. Things seem easy if you can follow the time effectively. It’s also important to allocate it properly to achieve a work-life balance.

Stress relief

Having too many tasks makes you stressed. And your stress worsens if you miss them. You will waste more time completing the duty that you should have done earlier. Calendars don’t work to relax your mind. Yet, they will reduce the chances of you forgetting your deadlines. As a result, your workflow can go smoothly, relieving your anxiety.


If you want to use the calendar as a tool for relaxation, there you do. We have many beautifully-designed models that change your mood during a hard-working day. To some people, aesthetics is always one of the most important factors to consider when buying anything. You won’t go wrong with your calendar template collection if you belong to this group. Spend some time searching for your favorite design on our web. There must be at least one template that can blend in your workstation perfectly.

October 2024 Calendar Template

October 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays

October 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays


You can pick from a wide range of free printable October calendar 2024 designs on our website. Each has a unique look but adheres to the same format. Here are your options:


Our October calendar templates are available in 8.5″ x 11″ (US letter) format. They come in a PDF format, so you can print them out without worrying about formatting errors. To use the template, please follow these simple steps:

  • Access our website.
  • Click on the selection of the month.
  • Scroll down until you see the one that wins your heart at first sight.
  • Click on it to download.
  • Print it out, and it’s ready to use.


The October 2024 calendar template has a familiar table design. The calendar starts each week on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Every day on the calendar has a large blank space for you to take note of your tasks, events, and meetings. In addition, we have all our calendar templates marked with all the significant holidays in October.


The style is personal. You can only choose the best one for yourself based on your taste. Luckily, we offer calendar templates in multiple styles. So scroll down carefully not to miss the one you love most.

Blank October Calendar 2024

Blank October 2024 Calendar

Blank October 2024 Calendar


For those who prioritize a neat and orderly approach, our blank October 2024 calendar template is an ideal choice. It offers ample space for all your notes, reminders, and tasks, enabling you to record everything necessary in a clutter-free manner. Additionally, this template is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences. This adaptability makes it an excellent tool for various planning requirements. Embrace simplicity and personalize this calendar to make it uniquely yours.

Floral Calendar for October

Floral Calendar for October 2024

Floral Calendar for October 2024


Enhance your daily planning with our elegantly designed Floral Calendar for October 2024. This calendar, embellished with delicate watercolor floral patterns, not only provides an effective solution for organizing your schedule but also brings a touch of aesthetic beauty to your workspace or living area. The refined elegance of the floral design aids in the seamless management of your important commitments and dates, while also enriching the visual ambiance of your environment.

October Calendar Monday Start

October 2024 Calendar Monday Start

October 2024 Calendar Monday Start


Maintain impeccable organization throughout October 2024 with our Monday-start calendar, perfectly aligned with the standard workweek structure. This design facilitates the effortless integration of all your tasks and appointments. With ample space for notes and reminders, it is an ideal tool for professionals, students, or anyone who appreciates a well-organized week. Here’s to a smooth, well-planned, and structured October!

October Holidays & Observances

October is the tenth month of 2024, and it has 31 days. This year, October starts on a Tuesday. There are two big holidays in October, Columbus Day and Halloween. We have them marked on the calendar so that you won’t miss any of them.

When is Columbus Day 2024?

Columbus Day is a federal holiday in the United States and a national holiday in several nations of the Americas. It marked the day of Christopher Columbus’ landing in the Americas, which was October 12, 1492. People celebrate Columbus Day on the second Monday of October. In 2024, Columbus Day will be observed on Monday, October 14th. Columbus Day has become a holiday of Italian-American culture in several areas of the United States. There are street fairs and parades with music, Italian food, and colorful costumes. Other activities on this day include traditional dance performances, pow-wows, and teachings on Native American culture in some areas.

When is Halloween 2024?

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31 in various nations. The custom has its origins in the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain when people dressed up and built bonfires to stave off ghosts. On this day, we wear costumes and masks for trick-or-treating and parties. Trick-or-treaters visit houses in the area, threatening to do the trick if the homeowners don’t give them a treat, usually candy. Bobbing for apples is a popular activity at Halloween celebrations; it may have started from the Roman holiday of Pomona. Halloween is famous worldwide with many iconic figures, such as ghosts, vampires, witches, black cats, and skeletons. In 2024, Halloween will be observed on Thursday, October 31st, continuing its role as a culturally significant and widely celebrated event in many parts of the world.


So you now have a beautiful October 2024 calendar. Keep it by your side to remind yourself of your important tasks and events. Your October seems wonderful. But do not forget to plan for the upcoming month. We also have free printable November 2024 calendar templates for you. Let’s check them out to manage your time with ease! Thank you for reading!

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