October 2019 Calendar Printable Templates

October 2019 Calendar templates are available for free download on our website. You can easily download the calendar templates of your choice in JPG image and PDF formats. Finally, you don’t need to search here and there anymore to find the perfect printable October 2019 Calendar template. Just visit our website and choose any calendar template specifically for yourself from a vast variety of templates.

October 2019 Calendar

October 2019 Calendar

Download PDF Format Calendar

Free download October 2019 Calendar Printable

We design all of our calendars with the US calendar system in mind. Which means that our calendars are at least understandable specifically by US citizens. If you are a resident of USA, you will surely find our calendars very helpful. Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate before downloading our free printable calendars. As a matter of fact, you will feel complete satisfaction once you download and print our beautiful October 2019 Calendar.

Printable October 2019 Floral Calendar with Holidays Landscape

Printable October 2019 Floral Calendar with Holidays Landscape

Download PDF Format Calendar

Above all, we provide free to download service. Even if you want to download every single October Calendar, you will not need to pay anything. Hence, start downloading your favorite calendar templates now and download as many as you want. Also, our calendars tell you about the upcoming holidays in America so that you can plan your holidays early.

Compared to other places, we have a very large library of October 2019 Calendar templates. You will never be going with empty hands from our website because we have printable calendars in all variations. Our calendar designs vary from traditional calendars to the most exotic ones. If you are the kind of person who likes to write down notes and reminders on their calendars then we also have calendars for you too with special spaces for your particular purpose.

Start downloading your favorite October 2019 Calendar templates now in JPG and PDF formats. Print them to use in your house or office or anywhere because they fit at every place.

October 2019 Calendar Printable

October 2019 Calendar Printable

Download PDF Format Calendar

The Month of October in United States

October is 10th month of every year in the present-day Gregorian calendar. It has thirty-one days. October was of thirty-one days length in the previous Julian Calendar also. In the very starting, October was 8th month of year in the Roman calendar but in 153 BCE, when January & February became the first two months of the calendar, October became the 10th month of year.

The name October came from a Latin word “Octo” which, in English, translates to Eight. In Middle English, October is called Octobre while in Latin, it is called October Mensis which means “Eight month”.

Unlike other months, October was always of 31 days length. Not for even once, its length was shortened or extended. In Northern Hemisphere, October comes in the fall season while on the other hand, it comes in Spring season on the other side of the equator, i.e. in the southern hemisphere. Also, April is seasonal equivalent of October in the opposite hemisphere.

October Common year fact:

It starts on same day of week as January but ends on same of week as January and February.

October Leap year fact:

It starts on the day of week like no other month but ends on same day of week as February.

The birth flower of October is Calendula while its birthstone is Opal. Also, some people believe that if somebody who is not born in October wears an Opal, the Opal cracks.

Printable October 2019 Floral Calendar with Holidays Portrait

Printable October 2019 Floral Calendar with Holidays Portrait

Download PDF Format Calendar

Free 2019 Monthly Calendar

Columbus Day in the United States

When Is Columbus Day 2019?
Columbus Day 2019: Mon, 14 Oct 2019

People of America celebrate Columbus day in the memory of Christopher Columbus‘ arrival to the USA on 12 October 1492. Americans celebrate Columbus Day every year on second Monday of October. This year, it will be on 14 October. In some areas of the USA, Columbus Day is a public holiday where all the schools and government organizations stay closed while in other remaining areas, it is a normal working day. You should also check whether your area stays off or not on this day.

Americans celebrate this day with parades, special church services, and many large events. Noteworthy celebrations are mostly visible in San Francisco and New York. In Hawaii, Columbus day is celebrated with a different name i.e. Discoverers’ Day while in many other states also, it is celebrated as Indigenous Peoples’ Day or Native Americans’ Day.

Many people portray Christopher Columbus as the first European ever to sail to America. Some portray him as Discoverer of a New World. Though, these are just peoples’ beliefs since there are no actual proofs to these statements. Some people even term it as Controversial holiday.

The very first celebrations of Columbus Day goes way back to 1869 in San Francisco. at that time, It became a public holiday in 1937 in the USA. This year, Columbus Day is on 14 Oct while next year it will be on 12 Oct. Also, Columbus Day’s celebration date always keeps on roaming between 8 Oct and 14 Oct, no matter what.

Halloween in the United States

When Is Halloween 2019?
Halloween 2019: Thu, 31 Oct 2019

People celebrate Halloween on 31st October every year. It is not a public holiday in the USA and all the schools and businesses run like a normal day. Most of Americans celebrate this festival with their family, friends, and co-workers.

Halloween was originally a festival of Northern Europe. According to a number of European cultures, the evil spirits feel the strongest during Halloween time. They started celebrating it as an evening festival just one day before All Saints’ Day in the Christian times. Migrants from Ireland and Scotland brought Halloween to the USA with them.

Children celebrate Halloween by wearing fancy costumes and by going to every neighborhood house and demand for gift, snacks, or sweets. If some family doesn’t provide them with their demands then they play “trick or treat” where they threaten them to harm them in some way. It all happens in a friendly manner on this day. Therefore, you can’t stay at home without any sweets or gifts on Halloween day in America.

Most of the adults celebrate Halloween by watching haunted movies, organizing fancy costume parties, or by creating haunted graveyards. Some families even decorate their houses in Halloween style because they believe that it prevents the evil spirits from entering their house.

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