Free Printable Calendar for January 2020

A calendar template is a simple tool that can help you plan and schedule your month. It is a tool that increases productivity and efficiency. These are two virtues that everyone needs in order to accomplish their set goals. A January 2020 calendar template is, therefore, an essential tool in kicking off the year.

January 2020 Calendar

January 2020 Calendar

Download PDF Format Calendar

January 2020 Calendar

January 2020 calendar templates come in various designs. There are both vertically and horizontally organized templates. They also come in a wide array of colors. These range from bold energizing colors such as red to calm and relaxing sheds of blue. You can additionally custom create a color of your choice.

Still, on design, there are also photo and themed templates. Photo templates allow you to add a photo of your loved ones, beautiful scenery, or a motivational image that gets you going. Themed templates are also available. Popular January 2020 calendar themes include New Year’s celebrations, Rainforest, and Martin Luther King Jr.

For purposes of scheduling, there are various formats of templates to help you cope with this busy month. There’s the monthly, weekly, and daily planner. These come in handy in the busy sections of the month. The weekly and daily planner will help you break down your tasks and schedule your day to the hour.

Where to download free January 2020 Calendar?

All these January 2020 calendar templates are available for free download on VL Calendar. They are available in various formats including PDF and JPEG printable.

Printable January 2020 Calendar

Printable January 2020 Calendar

Download PDF Format Calendar

The Month of January in United States

January is the first month of the year in the current Gregorian calendar.

History of January

The history of this month is quite interesting. Below are some fun facts about the month:

  • January gets its name from Janus, the Roman god of doors. This is because the month is a door to the year.
  • January was not present in the ancient Roman calendar. The year started in March.
  • King Pompilus added January to the calendar in 700BC
  • Initially, January had only 30 days. Julius Caeser added a day to it one of the seven months with 31days.
  • The birth flower of the month is the Sundrop

In the ancient times, January was a month with very little or no activity. This was largely because it was a winter month, and little could be done during the cold season in those times. Over two millennia later, and the month is still pretty the same. Other than New Year’s Day celebrations, there are very few events and parties. It is a month for all work and very little play if any at all.

January is also one of coldest month of the year, second only to February. Temperatures are in the range of 5 to 20 degrees in most states. Its harsh weather makes it impossible to have any outdoor activity. It is, therefore, a time to stay indoors and engage in productive activity, and maybe watching some TV.

January is probably one of the least favorite months for most Americans. This is because it involves a drastic shift from the holiday seasons to a period of intensive work and school activities. It is also the month to plan for the year and start working on new challenging goals. Generally, it is a month that calls for the proper use of January 2020 calendar templates.

What are the moon phases in January 2020?

Moon Phases Calendar for January 2020:

  • First Quarter on Thursday, January 2.
  • Full Moon on Friday, January 10.
  • Last Quarter on Friday, January 17.
  • New Moon on Friday, January 24.

What are the holidays in January 2020?

Date Day Holiday
January 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day 2020
January 6 Monday Epiphany 2020
January 7 Tuesday Orthodox Christmas Day 2020
January 13 Monday Stephen Foster Memorial Day 2020
January 14 Tuesday Orthodox New Year 2020
January 17 Friday Lee-Jackson Day 2020
January 19 Sunday Robert E. Lee’s Birthday 2020
January 19 Sunday Confederate Heroes’ Day 2020
January 20 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020
January 20 Monday Robert E. Lee’s Birthday 2020
January 20 Monday Idaho Human Rights Day 2020
January 20 Monday Civil Rights Day 2020
January 25 Saturday Chinese New Year 2020
January 29 Wednesday Kansas Day 2020

New Year’s Day in the United States

New Year’s Day 2020 is on Wednesday, January 1

January 1st is an international holiday celebrated in all countries in the world. It is a day to celebrate the beginning of a new year. It is a federal public holiday. All schools, government offices, and official businesses remain closed on this day.

For Americans, this is the last day of the week-long December holidays. It is, therefore, the last day we get to spend with our families before resuming school and work activities.

The holiday is like a continuation of New Year’s Eve celebrations. For most people, the holiday usually finds them at parties and public gatherings. The day, therefore, starts with music, dancing and partying. Fireworks displays are also a major part of the day’s celebrations. This often goes on to the wee hours of the morning.

The remaining part of the day is often observed differently by many people. Some Christians attend New Year’s church service. Other families go out for lunch or dinner together. However, most people take the day to reflect on the year, and maybe start planning on the transition to work mode.

A big part of New Year’s Day culture is the making of New Year resolutions. It is the day to look back at the year and decide on what you would like to change in the New Year. This is often the talk of the day or even the entire month.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States

This is a federal holiday observed on the third Monday of January. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020 is on Monday, January 20. It is a day to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and his contribution to American civil rights.

Martin Luther King Jr. was the most influential civil rights movement’s leader America has ever seen. He was very vocal on matters to do with African-American discrimination and segregation. His no-violence approach to protests saw him gain recognition and gain the attention of influential leaders.

Martin Luther King Jr. is most famous for his “I have a dream” speech. In this speech, he passionately spoke of his vision for a country with equal treatment for all, despite race or skin color. This single speech led to the Washington march, which was a defining moment for the civil rights movement.

The greatest achievement in Martin Luther King Jr.’s activism career is the enactment of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. The act outlawed discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, and nationality. This was a big win for his movement and the nation at large. This single act is the basis of American freedom and acceptance for all people. Due to this achievement, Martin Luther King went on to be the youngest person to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Most people observe this holiday. Schools often take this day to teach about the contribution of Martin Luther King Jr. to civil rights. Civil rights societies use this day to push their agendas on the state of civil rights in the country.

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